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Tai Chi and Qigong training help to strengthen the mind, body, and immune system!

We have relocated to 1831 Wehrli Rd. Naperville, IL. 60565!

Class schedules are listed below.

Thank you for bearing with us during this transition!

If you are interested in self defense, we teach a well-rounded program which ranges from submissive (Aikido) to life and death situations (Hapkido). Learn grab techniques, punch defense, kick defense, knife defense, and gun defense. All defenses come with multiple blocks and strikes.


Hello, and thank you for visiting United Martial Arts. For questions or to sign up for beginner classes, you can walk in, send an email to martialmoto@aol.com, or call (630) 369-4949 and we will be happy assist you.

Normal Operating Hours

Monday through Friday


Adult and Family Lessons:

Monday through Friday

12PM-1PM and 7PM-8PM

Childrens Lessons (age 5-10):

Monday, Wednesday, and Friday


Open Practice:



QiGong Therapy and Private Training:

By Appointment Only


Our Styles

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Tai Chi Tai Chi/Qigong

This Chinese martial art combines relaxation and exercise in a series of continuous, flowing body movements.

Bagua Zhang Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang is an internal martial art to increase speed, power and health benefits.

Jujitsu Jujitsu

Jujitsu, literally meaning the "art of softness", consists primarily of grappling techniques.

Taekwondo Tae Kwon Do

This course includes training in basic kick, punch and blocking techniques and forms.

Kung Fu Kung Fu

Kung Fu forms taught include Northern Shaolin Long Fist, Hung Gar, Five Elements, Five Animals, and many more.

Ship PaL Gae Ship Pal Gae

Weapons training is a higher form of mental and physical training.

Aikido/Hapkido Aikido/Hapkido

Aikido teaches people how to calmly accept and control an attack, rather than react violently to a violent situation.

Kom Do (Kendo) Kom Do (Kendo)

Kom Do is a modern martial art of fencing, the Korean equivalent of Japanese kendo.

Qigong Therapy

Qigong is a powerful system of healing and energy medicine from China. It is the art and science of using breathing techniques, gentle movement, and meditation to cleanse, strengthen, and circulate the life energy (qi).

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Our Grand Master
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About Our Grand Master

Grandmaster Thomas Patrick Mcgee, a registered 9th degree Black Belt of the United Martial Arts Association of America, has 46 years of martial arts training, including 43 years of teaching and consultation. He is a trained practicioner of Chinese Qigong based upon eastern philosophies.

Grandmaster Mcgee has taught state and local law enforcement in both Illinois and Florida, and provided corporate consultation in health management and self-defense. In addition to the four locations in Illinois, he has owned and/or consulted schools in Pennsylvania, Florida, California, Massachusetts, Texas, New Hampshire, and Arizona.

Paul W - 07/31/2018

I've been disabled for 20 years. Severe chronic back pain from a car crash. I've gone through the pain management program at MarionJoy three times to no avail. Some of their docs really tried to help, others not so much.

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Evelyn C - 08/09/2018

I have been practicing martial arts for over nine years. Three of those years I have been at United Martial Arts and within that time I have learned more than I learned at my previous school for six years.

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Amazing self defense! by Jeremy O - 08/01/2018

When I first went in almost 2 years ago I wasn't sure what to expect, I had some martial arts experience at the time, but every place is different.

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Great for chronic pain! by Herman W - 01/23/2018

I started practicing at United Martial Arts at the end of 2015. I chose the school because of the focus on health and longevity as well as grandmaster Mcgee’s obvious passion for teaching and passing on his knowledge.

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I'm amazed at the variety of forms we learn. by Justin M - 01/11/2018

I've been at UMA since july '17. People ask how i like it? I love it. The school has a challenging can-do environment. The instructors help all the students to succeed in personal goals and develop physically and mentally. We do team building strength exercises. everyone has an equal chance to learn.

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Mental Health
  • Confidence
  • Patience
  • Self Respect
  • Determination
  • Focus
  • Stress Relief
  • Descipline
Physical Gain
  • Strength
  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Weight Loss
  • Speed
  • Cadio Fitness
  • Core Training
  • Self Defense
  • Pain Relief
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